Hurricane Preparedness



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In all actions, the safe guarding of human life takes priority over all other considerations. The protection of the property (sanctuary, offices and fellowship hall) follows next in importance and priority.


In the event a Hurricane Warning is issued for Volusia County on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday worship services will be canceled. The congregation is invited to come for worship the following Wednesday at 7:00 PM.




Weather conditions that will activate this plan are:


(1) Tropical Depression

– An area of low pressure with circular cloud movement & winds which can reach 38 MPH.


(2) Tropical Storm

 – Counter clockwise circulation of clouds with winds between 39 and 73 MPH.


These storms are assigned names by the National Weather Service.


(3) Hurricane

– A tropical storm with winds of 74 MPH or more and assumes the name of the Tropical storm from which it develops.


(4) A Hurricane Watch indicates the possibility that you could experience hurricane conditions within 36 hours.


(5) A Hurricane Warning indicates that sustained winds of at least 74 mph are expected within 24 hours or less.


Trinity Lutheran Church will close when Volusia County Government declares the area under hurricane warning or the public schools close.






You must pre-plan your evacuation. You must have main routes and back-ups. You need to have a clear destination in mind and you should try to stick to your plan, unless circumstances require you to make a change. Remember hurricanes come from different directions so don’t just consider one direction as an escape route, look at the North, South, and West as possible directions to travel. Study the maps and know before you go. If you have decided in your pre-plan to evacuate, then do it early. Everyone will be waiting until the last minute to go and the roads will be clogged. Make a plan and stick by it!


If your plan is for evacuation you should do the following when a Hurricane Watch for Volusia County is announced:


1. Have suitcases packed and ready to go. Be sure to include all medications.


2. Make sure your car is ready for travel; gas, oil, tires, fluids and maps.


3. Have an ice-chest, water and food ready to go with you.


4. Have a portable commercial radio to monitor storm status, even if you have one as part of your car.


5. Have a list of important phone numbers with you.


6. Let your neighbors, family and church office know that you are leaving and what your destination is.


Give them a copy of your plans and phone numbers.



You should be on the lookout for falling limbs and trees, power lines, sharp objects, high water and mud.


Critters of all kinds (dogs, cats, raccoons, snakes, aligators, etc) pose a real possibility of getting you hurt.  Be careful and don’t handle them, call for assistance if possible.  Make sure you are wearing the right protective gear for the job, Hard hats, gloves, good boots, long sleeve shirts, heavy pants, etc. will help protect you from potential harm.


Keep yourself well watered and fed, and have insect repellent available as well as sun block.


Remember, your greatest chance of getting hurt is after the hurricane

— don’t take chances.


The priorities after the hurricane become very simple:

1. Stay alive, don’t get hurt.


2. Maintain shelter, water and food for you and your family.


3. Do what you can, not what you can’t.


4. Think of the basics: shelter, food and water, insect protection, clean body and clean clothes, establish a safe zone in which to rest and work.


5. Help each other.


6. Pray


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