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The Church Building and Office are Closed

but Ministry Continues!



Dear members and friends of Trinity,

Following ELCA Synod guidelines regarding the Covid-19 virus, Trinity Lutheran Church, New Smyrna Beach will be closed until further notice. 

For pastoral care emergencies, please call the church and leave a message or contact Pastor Tim at revtimtlc@gmail.com or at (763) 439-9971

God bless, stay safe and be well.  

Sincerely, Council President, Larry Muchow    386 689-7471


Thank You ! In the few months that I (Pastor Tim) have been here I have learned that the people of Trinity are a generous people. Thank you, in advance, for remembering the children in our community who need these supplies. And thank you for your on-going financial support of this ministry in the midst of the pandemic. Please do your part and share the link to our services with others, tell people to go to our website to find it there or the Bible study, or to follow and “like” us on Facebook. These are all ways we can connect to one another during this time.


Christ in the Home devotionals are available on the screened porch.  Take a copy for yourself and your neighbor.  There are limited copies. 



Announcements for the Beacon monthly newsletter – Deadline Monday, September 21, 2020. Please let us know what’s happening in your Committee.  Announcements and events will be accepted on or before Monday, September 21.  Please email your announcement(s) to trinitylutheran485@gmail.com and put Newsletter on the subject line.  Thank you.  



Online Giving

Thank you for your overwhelming response to the Online Giving option.   The program is new to all of us and we appreciate your questions.  Feel free to contact Phyllis at Trinity’s email address with your questions. trinitylutheran485@gmail.com.  



Some asked the question: 

If someone chooses Online Giving to contribute to the ministry at Trinity, will they continue to receive monthly envelopes at home?

Answer:   If your electronic offering is a one-time offeringyou will continue to receive monthly envelopes at home. If your offering is set up as a reoccurring monthly donation, you will not receive envelopes at home.  Please note: The process time to discontinue monthly mailings to your home takes approx. 2 months.



Calling All Men...

What does it really mean to be a “man” in today’s world? We have operating in our world images of, what some scholars call, hyper-masculinity and machismo. Robert Bly, who initiated a ‘men’s movement’ in the 1990’s through his book, Iron John, calls this same view of males ‘infantile grandiose masculinity.’ Ouch. Bly uses story, and mythology, and a look at cultures around the world to give a layered look at what it meant to be a man in antiquity. He lays a lot of the blame on our industrialized society. It used to be that boys grew up working alongside their fathers and grandfathers, so there was continuity and a direct experience about what it means to be a man. But when fathers began to work in factories, boys lost that modeling and mentoring, which means that boys were left to figure out on their own what it means to be a man. Right now, he thinks, we have a lot of adult males who never really grew up and who act much like they did when they were adolescents.

If you are interested in being a part of this group, please contact Pastor Tim. We will begin to explore our relationships to our grandpas and fathers, those male mentors and healthy role models in our lives. You can email him at revtimtlc@gmail.com. We will be doing this via Zoom if there is interest for this new ministry.


Seeking to Keep Trinity Safe - A Task Force to Guide Us Through the Pandemic

The council established a task force who will "help the congregation, council, and staff discern when to re-open Trinity for worship, fellowship, meetings, and other related activities and to develop the procedures we will establish, review, and monitor to keep the members, friends, and visitors of Trinity safe, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.” Those serving on the task force are: Larry Muchow, council president; Raeann Purcell, at-large council member; Paula Losnes (oncology nurse); Larry Schaefer (nurse anesthetist, retired); and Christine Williams (physician with emphasis in public health and pediatrics, retired). We give God thanks that we have such knowledgeable servants of the gospel who are willing to lead us through this challenging time!



Prayer List

We record our worship services earlier in the week so that we have time to upload them, put them into this email, and get them sent out at the proper time. We have not been including members by name in the prayers largely to protect their privacy since once we put this on YouTube, we have no control as to where this goes or who sees it. Instead, we have been providing a pause during one of the petitions for you to name those people who weigh heavily on your heart and mind. But, rest assured that we are praying for you! If you have a prayer concern, do not hesitate to contact me and I will get that information out to our Prayer Chain leaders to distribute (with your permission, of course). revtimtlc@gmail.com or 763-439-9971 


Thank you for your generosity as we are developing new ways of doing ministry together!


God Bless, Stay Safe, Stay Well.




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