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Sixth Week of Easter


May 25 & 26, 2019


With Honor and Gratitude, We Remember our Veterans



Welcome in the name of the Lord!  We trust that if you are seeking Christ, you will find him here; if troubled in spirit, you will gain peace; if discouraged, you will rejoice in hope; if friendless, find companionship and Christian love; that these and other blessings may be your portion is our prayer. 


Pastor Prehn’s Absence:   Pastor Prehn will be away from the church from May 13-May 28.  If pastoral services are needed during his absence, please contact Pastor Jack Ottoson at cell phone 386-679-0771.  Pastor Marcia Cox will preach and preside the weekends of May 18/19 and May 25/26. 


Serving this weekend

Assisting Ministers:

(5) Raeann Purcell  

(9:30) Joe Kellermeier



(5) Nancy Hopkins 

(9:30) Cheryl Tucker



(5) Hope Bauman, Mary Parada        

(9:30) John King, Barbara Reilly, Kerry & Sandi Wirth


Altar Guild:

(5)  Paula Bernbaum, Kate Mingle, Don Smith

 (9:30) Grace & Joe Kellermier



Mary Mathews



CAN YOU HELP!      Halifax Urban Ministry Soup Kitchen - 316 North Street, Daytona Beach: Sign up for Monday – May 27 at 10:30 am \ Serving


 “THE BIBLE DOESN’T SAY THAT.”  Join Pastor Prehn starting June 2 and continuing through the summer for an engaging look at some of the misconceptions, misunderstandings and mistranslations that appear in the Bible.  For the basis of our discussions we’ll use the book by the same title written by Joel M. Hoffman, who holds a PhD in theoretical linguistics and has taught at Brandeis University and at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York City.  We’ll take a look at such questions as “Does the Bible start with ‘In the beginning?’”  “Does the Bible contain Ten Commandments?”  “Did people really live to be almost a thousand years old?”  “What does the Bible say about homosexuality?”  “Was God’s name in Hebrew Yahweh?”  “Is the Rapture in the Bible?”  “Do the Ten Commandments forbid killing?”    Over the course of 13 weeks we’ll cover these and many other interesting, and perhaps even controversial, subjects.  Join us in the Fellowship Hall following the 9:30 AM worship service during June, July and August for a new and surprising look at the Bible.  Don’t forget your Bible.


 Sunday School Class Pool Party will be held on Thursday, June 6th from 10am to 2pm at the Islander Beach Resort. Sunday School Classes will resume October 6, 2019.


The Synod Assembly (June 6-7-8) This years’ service project will support a ministry that offers services to the working poor of the theme parks through Community Hope Center of Osceola County.  We are collecting the following items: 

            Individual juice boxes

Individual packets – animal crackers

Toilet paper

Reams of white paper

Please bring your items to the church and place them in the bin in the narthex; deadline is Sunday, May 28.  These items will then be taken to the synod assembly by our voting members, Grace and Joe Kellermeier. Pastor Prehn will also be attending the assembly.


Your Call Committee is working diligently on our Ministry Site Profile. We will notify you when we reach the next step in the process.. We are not taking a summer break, but will continue until our work is done. You will notice there is an insert in this week's bulletin with the results of the survey which was completed by the congregation several weeks ago. Please continue to also check the bulletin board on the patio for CC updates!

New Members’ Class - There will be a class for anyone who would like to join our congregation.  It will be held on the four Saturday afternoons in June from 3:30-4:30 in the Pastor’s Office.  Please contact Pastor Prehn, or call the church office, if you are interested in attending.  This is also an excellent opportunity for anyone to review the basics of our faith even if you are already a member of Trinity.


Summer Choir: There will be one Wednesday rehearsal on May 29 at 7pm for anyone who would like to sing through all the songs for the summer to see what’s coming.  This is an optional event.  You are welcome to sing for services without attending this rehearsal.  Please talk with me or any choir member if you have questions. 


Dumpster on Site: For the next fifteen days we have a dumpster located in the back- parking lot. If you have any hard materials to dispose of, please feel free to use the dumpster. NO garbage please.  Thank you.



Calendar of Events

Saturday (25)                         

Worship Service                                  5:00 pm


Sunday (26)                           


Worship Service                     9:30 am


Monday (27)                          

Memorial Day Observed — Office Closed

HUM Soup Kitchen (serving)              10:30 am


Tuesday (28)  

Mission Workshop                              9:00 am


Wednesday (29)

Handbells                                            6:00 pm

Choir                                                   7:00 pm


Thursday (30)

Personnel Committee                         10:00 am


Saturday (1)   

WELCA Exec. Board                             9:15 am

Adult Bible Class                                 3:30 pm

Worship Service                                  5:00 pm

Pot Luck—Summer theme                  6:00 pm


Sunday (2)

Worship Service                                  9:30 am

Adult Sunday School (following worship service)



God bless and have a great weekend.  Invite a friend to worship with you!






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